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Arisleyda Urena is an experienced professional who enjoys learning about entrepreneurship, female empowerment, innovation, and the reflection and practice of various schools of thought within the context of administration. She loves to use her faith and positive outlook to educate and empower others the same way others have inspired and encouraged her. As a consultant, she has the opportunity to share these positive values and show others how these ‘best practices’ can by implemented into their schools and business models. 

Aris considers herself a lifelong learner, and she is always seeking out opportunities to expand her perspective of the world around her. Arisleyda Urena encourages other to also find their passion and continue to learn. She believes knowledge is power. The only way to grow is to continue to learn. As a result, she encourages everyone to adopt a lifestyle that not only helps them grow, but the ones around them as well. Given the vast disparities throughout the world, we as a people need to come together and support each other. 

She exposes herself to new lessons, especially those which allow her to understand the foundations on which great things are built. She enjoys learning about the theoretical frameworks which shape public and administrative policy, entrepreneurship, and more.

By taking a broad approach to these subjects and learning about the many theories that have informed them over the years, Aris can distill the crucial takeaways that will inform her own opinions on the subjects.

Some of the theories in which Aris is most interested are:

  • The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory;
  • Self-efficacy as a tool for change and a crucial component for individual success;
  • The achievement goal theory in relation to management and leadership;
  • Anarchist theories as learning tools in a business context.



In addition to these topics, Aris enjoys learning vital lessons from women in business. From a young age Aris has advocated for women’s equality; she has proudly joined her local coalitions of participants for the Women’s March over the years. She was also previously a member of the National Women’s Organization (NWO) when she was in college. Aris admires the many women throughout history who have broken barriers and inspired change, from iconic singer Ella Fitzgerald to media mogul and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey to Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Maria Sotomayor.

Aris is also interested in the progression of technology in today’s fast paced world. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo has described the current time as a “golden age” of artificial intelligence. As tech giants work to solve problems and achieve new heights with machine learning, machine vision, and natural language processing, the role of AI will undoubtedly redefine business and society as we know it — all while raising fascinating questions about the very nature of intelligence.

Some of Aris’ personal interests include gardening, testing out DIY projects, studying music history and art history, volunteering or donating to nonprofit organizations, and watching sermons that express the Christian values which serve as the foundation of her life. She spends a large portion of her time engaging in community outreach and bettering the lives of those around her.

This blog contains Arisleyda Urena’s thoughts and interests regarding entrepreneurship, technological or business development, leadership, female empowerment, and more.

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